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HMS 2003 Modules
Name: Access 2003 Database Files
Code: hmsAcc2003
Varsion: 1.0.0
Issue Date: January 2003
HMS uses any relational database through ODBC Data Source Names. The Databases accompany the software are in Microsoft Access 2000 and 2003 formats. Any one of the two zip files should be extracted and the instructions in readme.txt file followed to establish correct database connection to the system. Users may convert the database to any relational DBMS with the same design of tables.
ODBC Data Source Names Should be defined for each Database file according to the following table.
File NameData Source NameDescription
AusDb.mdbaustables defines users and company
GasDb.mdbgasAccounting Tables
HmsDb.mdbhmsHotel Tables that define hotel and its outlets.
HsdDb.mdbhsdHotel Statistical Tables
IcmDb.mdbicmItems Cataloge Tables
MpsDb.mdbmpsPersonnel Tables. It defines shifts.
MsmDb.mdbmsmMaterial Supply (Purchasing) Tables
ScsDb.mdbscsStock Control Tables
Last Update Date: 29 December 2006
--- No requirements. It is the first step in installing HMS

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