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Applications Users System - V1.0.0
AUSAUS is a common module for all integrated application systems like HMS, RCM, IPS, ... etc. The system adminstrator uses this application to define usres of the other modules and give them authorization for the modules functions. He also defines the basic data of the company like address, registration data, ... etc.
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Cinema Booking System - V1.0.1
CBSCBS has two modes of operation, Administrator Mode and Operator (or Booking) Mode. The first user who runs the system will be registered as administrator. The adminstrator defines other users of the system of type adminstrator or operator using AUS module. When the administrator loged in the administrator's form opened for defining seat types and prices, seat layout, sessions, print reports. When a non-administrator logged in, the mode of operation will be Booking Mode. In booking mode, Cinema Layout is displayed to select seats by clicking on it with the mouse left button. Cancel individual seat selection by the left mouse button with the shift key down. After selection, click on [Book] button with left mouse button to book selected seats or click on [Cancel Selection] button to cancel all selected seats. Users can cancel last booking by clicking on the button [Cancel Booking]. User can cancel individual seat booking by clicking on the seat cell with the left mouse button with the Ctrl key down. Users can move between sessions by clicking on the button marked with [<-] for previous session or [->] for next session. The seats status is displayed for the current date and current session according to the computer clock. Users may change date by typing any date in the date field or double click the date field to display a calendar for selected the date required. Users can use access database accompanied with the application to define seat layout in which he defines for each cell the row number, column number, string ID, type code linked with the seat type table, horizontal (width) size ratio (wSizeRatio), and vertical (height) size ratio (hSizeRatio). WSizeRatio and hSizeRatio must be greater than one since the normal seat size has the ratio one. The user can leave spaces between rows and columns by jumping row number or column number in the layout.
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CBS Database - V1.0.0
DBThe database used by CBD composed of three files: AusDb, CbsDb, and GasDb. Actually GasDb is not used but it is planned to be used for posting to the General accounting System. Howver you have also to define ODBC DSN (gas) for it.
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Cinema Booking System