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Applications Users System - V1.0.0
AUSAUS is a common module for all integrated application systems like HMS, RCM, IPS, ... etc. The system adminstrator uses this application to define usres of the other modules and give them authorization for the modules functions. He also defines the basic data of the company like address, registration data, ... etc.
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Hotel Marketing Analysis - V1.0.0
HMAHMA Collects monthly totals of number of guests (pax), guest nights, and room nights from hotels distributed among Markets, Tour Operators, and Nationalities. It produces statistical reports accompanied with charts and creates Excel sheets for further analysis of marketting data.
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HMA Database - V1.0.0
DBHMA Databases include three database files: AusDb, HmaDb, and exportDb. exportDb contains the transactions exported from hotels and Basic Data modifications exported from the holding company.
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Hotels Marketing Analysis