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Applications Users System - V1.0.0
AUS AUS is a common module for all integrated application systems like HMS, RCM, IPS, ... etc. The system adminstrator uses this application to define usres of the other modules and give them authorization for the modules functions. He also defines the basic data of the company like address, registration data, ... etc.
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General Accounting System - V1.0.0
GASGAS defines Account Types like client, vendor, cash, bank, ... etc. and account entities for each account type. It enters and updates account transactions for account entities. The entrprise operation systems post account transactions to designated acoounts. The system also defines credit cards and follow up checks and credit cards.
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Item Catalogue Management - V1.0.1
ICMICM is used to define all items and products of the organization. It also defines the units and unit conversion table. The stock control system, Material Supply Management, and Order Processing Systems Like Hotel Outlets use the items defined in this module for their operation, i.e. The items definitions are common and standardized within the organization. The module maintains a standard descriptive code for items. It also include inquiries about detailed information about items like on order, on stock, balances, average price, lead time, ... etc.
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Material Supply Management - V1.0.0
MSMThe users of MSM define Vendor Items and process purchase orders. The module posts the account transactions to Vendor accounts and store accounts on delivery phase of the supply process.
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Stock Control System - V1.0.0
SCSSCS manipulates multi stores. It perofms stock count, adjustment, and items movement between stores and other entities like departements, clients, vendors. It posts the account transaction to the designated account.
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Bill Of Material - V1.0.0
BOMBOM concerns with the definition of the tree structure of final and intermediate products in the organization. All items manipulated within the organization are defined in Item Catalogue Management (ICM) where there are no relations between items. In this system the manufacturing relations are established between items. While defining the hierarchy structure of the products, the system analyze the products and semi-products (parts) into required raw materials. The functions of this system are required in Order Processing System and Production Control System.
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MMS Database - V1.0.0
DBCollection of database files used by MMS includes: AusDb, GasDb, IcmDb, MsmDb, ScsDb, and BomDb.
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Material Management System