HMA Definition
HMA is hotels marketing analysis software. It is used by hotelsí holding companies or any organization tracking the operations of group of hotels. It is installed in each hotel as well as the hotels holding organization.
The operational transactions of each hotel are exported every month to the hotels holding installation via email. These transactions include the planning (tour operators reservations or allotments) and the actual data about number of guests (pax), guest nights, and room nights distributed by markets, tour operators, and/or nationalities.
HMA produces statistical reports that include graphs and creates Excel sheets for further marketing analysis. Each report is produced with variety of options and dates. They include comparisons between two specified years and months and shows growth ratios.

Report List:
1: Top Nationalities.
2: Top Markets.
3: YTD Top Markets.
4: Nationality Statistics Report.
5: Hotels Growth Rates.
6: Hotels Share.
7: Materialization Report.
8: Consolidated Information Sheet For Tour Operators.
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