HMS is an integrated software for hotels. The functions of this system covers all the hotel operation functions and issues huge number of management reports that support the hotel managers in control and follow up.
HMS is modular software. It's components cover the operation and management needs of the hotel.
HMS is installed on one computer or on a network of unlimited number of computers. Workstation operating system is windows xp. Data Server could be Windows xp, NT, 2000 or any network operating system.
HMS offers unlimited number of rooms and unlimited number of outlets.

HMS Features:
Any relational Database Management System (RDBM) like Sql, MySql, Oracle, Access 2003 (The default) etc.
Any Interface Language (English and Arabic interfaces are available)
Bills issued in two languages (English in Arabic interface (or vise versa) is available)
Web Enabled
Better Performance
More Functionality
very low price

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