Helal Software Products:

Helal Software Products:


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Hotel Management System




HMS is an integrated Hotel Management Software that includes: front office module, outlet module, group reservation module, reporting module, room service module as well as general back office modules like General Accounting, Item Catalogue, Inventory, and Purchasing. HMS is a visual basic 6 application with default database Access 2000 and Access 2003.



Online Order Processing




Online Order Processing (OOP) is online shopping system. It places orders for items selected from dynamic menu of components categories and brands. The administrator follows up orders and maintains items catalogue and users tables online. OOP has two versions, ASP/Access version for Windows server, and PHP/MySQL for Linux server (under development).



Online Hotel Reservation




OLR is internet based hotel reservation system. OLR is designed to allow guests, travel agents, wholesalers and groups to make commission free reservations. Users can reserve rooms or cancel previous reservations or query their reservations between two specific dates. The queries are optionally sent to users by email. Reservations with OLR are "real time" into the hotel database, so no need to "upload" reservations or manage a room block. OLR is ASP application.


Per hotel


WAP (Mobile) Hotel Reservation



requires the installation of micro browser if accessed from you PC.

WRS is a mobile enabled hotel reservation system. It covers all the functions in OLR but with less displayable information since it is dedicated to agents out of their offices.


Per hotel


Hotel Marketing Analysis



OHMA is the online version of hotels marketing analysis (HMA) software. It is used by hotels’ holding companies or any organization tracking the operations of group of hotels. It is installed in internet or intranet server and accessed by hotel holding company and all hotels belonging to it. It produces statistical reports that include graphs and creates Excel sheets as the offline version HMA. OHMA is ASP application and require Office Web Components (OWC) library installed in the server.


$50 per extra hotel


Online Agenda Management



OAM is a web based application to record your occasions and events. The application will remind you by sending email before 7 days, 2 days, and one day of the event Date. You may send a link to your contacts (friends, relatives, … etc.) to add their birthday to your agenda. You can send email with greeting cards to your contacts for events/occasions recorded in your agenda or to selected contacts regardless of the events. It is free to use it in my site: .



Online Orphan Sponsorship



OOS is an online orphan sponsorship system. It Consists of two applications. Sponsors application in which sponsors register, login, search orphans, select a child to sponsorship, view and update his account/registration data, view and update payment options, and view invoices/payments. The second application is the administration functions. The administration can add, edit, delete, and view all tables related to the Orphan Sponsorship Application.




HSH Counter Statistics



Free to use from my site.

HCS Generates HTML code to be embedded in the client site. Clients can see daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics about visitors of his web page.



Radio/TV Program Broadcasting




Internet Application for TV or Radio programs that let visitors to watch/listen the program session at his appropriate time and may download it and participate in a discussion about it.



CD containing all the software products is available with only the shipping cost. You may pay the shipping cost to your local courier to pick the CD from me in Cairo.


All internet Applications are supplied with source code and the right to customize and modify it for one domain name only (see the license for more details).


The Cost of Technical Support and Training through Internet or Telephone is $10 per Hour Or $400 yearly for a maximum of 50 hours, with $5 hourly rate for additional hours.


The cost of in-house training, implementation, and technical support is $50 per day (5 working hours a day). Traveling cost and full accommodation is added for clients outside Cairo.


Yearly Technical Support agreement includes the right to have new versions and Software updates.


Database of HMS and HMA is available in Microsoft Access 2000 and 2003 Formats. The cost of conversion of Access database to any other relational database is subject to special agreement.


The cost of additional reports, inquiries, or special functional requirements for all applications is subject to special agreement.